2019 Design Trends Inspiration

Are you thinking about completing a renovation and redesign of your home? If so, it’s time to look to the future and consider the designs that will shape interiors in 2019. From new colors and shades to stylish design options, there are plenty of choices to consider here. Unfinished furniture can help you create renditions of new styles without breaking the budget.


Matte Black


Orange isn’t the new black, black is the new orange.Yes, black is back and bigger than ever. Or at least, it will be next year. Matte black, in particular, is expected to be present in a lot of homes in 2019. If you want to see evidence of this, just check your Instagram feeds. You’ll see the shade 2019 Design Trends Inspirationand design in both homeware, fashion and interiors. This fashion trend can be introduced to your property by adding virtually any piece of furniture with a Matte Black finish. Alternatively, you can think about buying an unfinished piece of furniture and adding a matte black covering or coating yourself. Matte black furniture is so stylish it’s often at a remarkably high price. Buying unfinished furniture and adding the finish yourself is a great way to cut the cost.

A Personal Touch

2019 Design Trends Inspiration

Another idea that is rocking the interior design world and is certain to be big in 2019 would be a unique decor. This means that you shouldn’t follow a pattern and instead have furniture that stands out. Yes, eclectic is big and better than ever which means you can have fun matching different shades and patterns to find what works for your home. Forget about bringing on the experts to fix up your home interior. It’s far better to decorate with items that you love and adore and perhaps have even helped created yourself. Customizing unfinished furniture is a great way to make a mark on your home design and ensure it does stand out in big, bold, beautiful ways.


Adding Rich Colors

2019 Design Trends Inspiration

You do need to think about adding, rich, natural shades to your home design if you want to make sure that your as they are going to be big in 2019. One particular color is already favored by a top paint brand in the US. That particular shade will remind you of the lush, green outdoors and could look absolutely wonderful as part of your home decor. So, if you are playing with colors on unfinished furniture, this could be a shade to work with. Or, how about some reds, rich like golden soil that could look absolutely exquisite for bedroom furniture such as dressers and chairs.


Going For Gold

2019 Design Trends Inspiration

Finally, you might want to add a touch of ostentation to your home design. You can do this by adding a gold metallic finish to any piece of furniture. Black gold, bright gold and many more shades will all be in style in 2019. Again, this type of finish can certainly make a piece of furniture expensive. That’s why it’s always a great option to consider adding it to yourself to a beautiful raw piece that will become a stunning new addition to your property.


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