4 Tips on Cleaning Wood Furniture for Homeowners

According to trend reports, natural-looking furniture is coming back in a big way. 

If you’ve recently purchased a furniture item made from real wood, this will lend a feeling of luxury and quality to your space. 

However, real wood furniture does come at a higher price tag than imitation wood pieces. 

To care for and keep your piece looking pristine you need to know how to go about cleaning wood furniture. 

If you don’t look after your wooden piece or clean it correctly, furniture wear and tear can quickly show up.

1. Avoid Harsh Cleaners

One of the first important steps for cleaning wood furniture is to avoid harsh cleaners. Overly harsh cleaning products can damage the wood finish. They can cause dulling, bubbling, and even eat right through varnish. 

Most multipurpose cleaners are a no-go, as well as alcohol and ammonia-based cleaners. Vinegar is another common cleaning ingredient you should avoid, even though it is a natural substance. You can, however, combine vinegar with olive oil to create a natural cleaner/finishing product for your wooden furniture.

2. Don’t Use Too Much Water

Another important tip for cleaning wood furniture is to not use too much water. If you use excessive water while cleaning wood furniture, it can seep into the grain and cause swelling.

Over time this can damage the finish and even result in cracking. Therefore, after dusting wood furniture, wipe it down with a damp cloth, not a wet one. 

3. Be Wary Of Abrasive Cleaning Pads When Cleaning Wood Furniture

Whether you’ve stained your furniture piece yourself or bought a pre-finished piece, you should also stay away from abrasive cleaning pads. 

If you use abrasive cleaning pads for cleaning wood furniture, this can quickly result in scratching and damage to the finish.  

If dirt has hardened on a piece of regular wood furniture, you can try to loosen it gently with a scrubbing pad. However, make sure that you keep pressure to an absolute minimum. 

In general, abrasive pads should not be part of your wooden furniture cleaning equipment. 

4. Don’t Use Too Much New Polish

Polishing wooden furniture is an age-old way to keep it conditioned and shiny and reduce furniture wear and tear. 

However, although polish is beneficial for your furniture, be careful not to use too much of it. 

If you apply too much polish to your furniture it can build up and create a dull, milky layer. It can also trap dirt. 

Besides this “over-spraying” of furniture polish can be irritating one’s skin and cause burning or stinging of the eyes, and other mild reactions. 

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Cleaning wood furniture isn’t hard as long as you know what to avoid. Stay away from harsh cleaners, abrasive scrubbers, and don’t overdo it on the polish and you’ll be able to keep your new wooden furniture looking good for years to come.

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