5 Benefits to Buying Unfinished Wood Furniture

Imagine owning furniture made from high-quality wood and finished to perfection without paying a fortune for it. 

Your dream living room can come true when you buy unfinished wood furniture. 

When you spot a piece of unpainted wood, you will know that you have found something truly special to make your own. There are so many options to choose from and so many reasons to buy unfinished furniture.

Here are our top 5 reasons to start your search:

1. Make Unique Furniture

When you buy unfinished furniture, you have the opportunity to make a one-of-a-kind masterpiece. No one else will choose the stain style, paint color, or brush technique as you.

So, if you hate to buy furniture that is factory-made from a box, your best option is to seek out furniture in its raw form. 

2. Get a Bargain

You can save a bundle on unfinished wood because you aren’t paying for the cost of labor that comes with sanding, staining, painting. Companies will sell unfinished pieces at a fraction of the cost of finished ones.

When you bring your furniture home, you will find that the price of staining it or painting it yourself is much cheaper when you aren’t paying for the labor. The average cost stain, which is $15-$20 per gallon, will not break the bank. 

3. See Any Imperfections

When you buy finished furniture, there could be hidden cracks, rotten wood, discoloration, and knots that make the wood weak. Unfinished furniture uses higher-quality pieces of wood because these imperfections can’t be hidden.

You can examine the entire piece before you make a purchase to ensure that the wood is sturdy and without ailments that would compromise its integrity.

This also means that it will last longer than the average and withstand the refinishing process. 

4. Match Your Décor

If you have a room full of matching furniture and want to add another piece, you might be in trouble. Finding the same furniture pieces again can be tricky since styles change.

By purchasing furniture in its raw form, you can choose the exact type of wood to match your other pieces. Then choose the stain or paint that correlates with your previous design. 

Even if you do not want it to match perfectly in color, you can use similar style techniques to make the furniture fit right in. 

5. Do It Yourself

One of the best reasons for buying unfinished solid wood furniture is that you learn a new skill. You may just get addicted to trying new techniques and working with your hands. 

Getting started on your DIY furniture projects is easy once you buy a few supplies and find an open area to work. 

Your creativity is endless once you get the hang of the basics.

Where to Find Unfinished Wood Furniture

You don’t have to go digging through flea markets and craft shows to find unfinished wood furniture. You can find high-quality pieces at an unfinished furniture store online; then, have the pieces of furniture delivered right to your door. 

Contact us today if you are looking for a specific piece of furniture or browse our furnishing categories. 

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