7 Inexpensive Bedroom Remodel Ideas

7 Inexpensive Bedroom Remodel Ideas

Almost 40% of homeowners plan to renovate their homes in the next two years.

Perhaps you’re planning to remodel but you’re stumped for inspiration. If you’re looking for bedroom remodel ideas, you’ve come to the right place.

Here are seven top suggestions.

1. Switch Things Up 

Not sure how to decorate a bedroom on a budget?

Changing the layout is perfect for remodeling a bedroom. You can give the room an entirely new look by moving furniture around, taking pieces out, and de-cluttering the bedroom so there’s more space.

Plus, it’s free!

2. Give Your Bed a Makeover

When decorating bedrooms on a budget, consider changing your throw pillow and bedding.

For your bedding, choose a color that contrasts with the current theme to make a statement. Or if you want a classic look, white bedding is for you.

White is versatile. For instance, you can add a colorful wool blanket during winter or a patterned throw for summer, perfect for bedroom remodel ideas.

3. Paint Your Walls

A great place to start when redesigning a bedroom is painting your walls.

It’s perfect for DIYers as it’s easy to stay in your budget. Paint an accent wall for a sophisticated edge or choose a blue-gray shade to create a relaxing atmosphere.

Once you’ve done the walls, you can use the leftover paint to liven up an old piece of furniture.

4. Hang Up Your Favorite Art 

Find art that reflects your personality and hang them up in your bedroom.

You can create a gallery wall featuring special cards, posters, and prints. Plus, you can add to the collection so it continues to grow.

Be consistent with your frames whether you’re choosing simple styles or vintage gold designs. Doing this will create a cohesive look, the key to a well-designed bedroom.

5. Add a Rug

If you’re unsure how to design a bedroom, consider a rug for comfort and style.

Find a rug with snazzy patterns or a stylish Persian rug to add personality to your bedroom. Not only do they look stunning but they’re also comfortable under your feet.

6. Bring the Outside In

Plants not only bring life to your bedroom but they also purify the air.

If you’re after low-maintenance plants, try Chinese evergreen or snake plants. Find out whether the plants need to stay by the window or in the shade. You should buy ones that complement your bedding and art.

7. Experiment With Lighting

Ditch a basic overhead bulb and add an elegant fixture or small chandelier. Get creative and add trims or fabric to the shade. 

You could even swap out your bedside lamps with a mounted sconce for a modern look.

Those Are Our Bedroom Remodel Ideas

These bedrooms remodel ideas are an excellent way to revamp your current bedroom without breaking the bank.

Give the walls a fresh coat of paint, add a stylish rug, and fill your bedroom with colorful plants. Happy decorating!

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