Get Inspired: Living Room Furniture and Decor Ideas

Your living room is a place to come together and spend time with loved ones. But you want it to be more than just a spot in the house—you want it to be a the right setting to make memories.

And the best way to transform your living room decor is with the right furniture.

Here are some great decor ideas and living room furniture ideas to spice up your living room for the new year.

Work Neutral Living Room Decor—And Redefine Neutral Colors

If neutral colors make you think of dull whites and tans that are about as exciting as cardboard, think again.

In interior design, neutrals are colors without color—like white, ivory, gray, beige, taupe, and black. However, every version of these colors comes with a particular undertone. These are incredibly useful in home design because neutrals act as a canvas for other colors and textures to pop.

This is where the undertones are important. You can have an all-neutral living room that’s still exciting—it’s all about coordinating the undertones.

For example, let’s say you want to work with warm neutrals. These are neutrals with warm undertones like red, pink, orange, or yellow. They look fantastic when combined with other warm accents, like stained wood or gold. You can also introduce of-the-moment colors in small areas to spice up your neutrals, like a muted mustard yellow pillow or rose gold lamp.

Purchase Furniture Staples to Anchor the Room

Regardless of your color choices, your design begins with with large furniture pieces that anchor the room, namely your sofa, chairs, and coffee table. The trick is balancing your statement pieces.

For example, let’s say you have a painted wood coffee table in a bright red. In that case, you can balance out the red by keeping your other anchor pieces neutral and introducing accents to tie the red to the rest of the room. Look for smaller, non-matching reds that complement the table.

You could also choose to introduce some pattern in one of your larger pieces, like a couch upholstered in a fun floral fabric. The trick is to keep the pattern from becoming overwhelming, since a large anchor piece draws the eye immediately and takes up a lot of space. A good option is to reach for a black and white floral pattern counterbalanced by soft blues and whites elsewhere in the room.

Brighten Up with Colorful Living Room Furniture Ideas

Of course, you can go all-in for colorful furniture and have your living room look ready for a photoshoot. The key is to use color smartly.

If you’re using bright colors, like orange armchairs, it’s a good idea to keep the rest of the room in muted blues with smaller orange accents elsewhere in the room. That way, you get a punch of bright color without overwhelming the eye.

If you choose to get playful with a lot of color, make sure your colors complement each other—which is not the same thing as matching. For example, if you have playful blue walls, you can introduce a blue couch too, but keep the couch blue more muted so the walls can do the talking.

Looking to Buy Furniture to Furnish Your House with Style?

Your home is more than just where you sleep. It’s a unique expression of you. So if you’re ready to go beyond living room furniture ideas and invest in furniture that shows who you are, you’re in the right place.

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