How to Finish Pressure Treated Wood

If you want long-lasting outdoor wood products, and by which, we mean longer than forty years, you might want to investigate pressure treated wood. So you got pressure treated wood, what’s next? The process is not obvious to the layman, and you might want some information on how to get started.

Below, we have listed out the steps on how to get finish your pressure treated wood furniture. By the time you finish reading, you should know what to buy and how to apply it. So, what are you waiting for?

1. Choose a Stain

While you still have your unfinished wood furniture, you should seek out a good stain to use. If you use the wrong stain, you might end up with mismatching the rest of the space or with a blotchy finish.

You have so many furniture options when it comes to stains. So while we cannot tell you which to pick, we can offer you a few pieces of advice on chosing:

Other Wood: If you already have stained wood in the space, you could make it easy on yourself and match the stain color of those pieces. Just make sure you account for the difference in grain pattern and color that different types of wood will have. 

Colors: Make sure that you pick colors that match or complement the rest of the decor. You can choose something that will blend in with the rest of the space, or something completely different that will pop.

Neutrals: If all else fails, go for something neutral. Tried and true, neutrals withstand the test of time. You can add color, pattern, or texture elsewhere in the space to give it more character. 

2. Clean the Wood

Use a furniture or wood cleaner to remove any dirt and grime that might have built up on the wood. Even if you recently purchased the wood, it may have collected dust or gotten rubbed in the meantime.

After cleaning it, scrub it with a hard-bristled brush and wash it with a strong hose or pressure washer to get rid of anything stuck in the grooves.

After cleaning the wood, allow it to dry completely before continuing.

3. Apply the Stain

After cleaning and drying, stain the wood. Follow the instructions on the staining product to avoid over or underusing the stain.

While applying the stain, move around and try not to over-apply in one area. This will prevent brush marks and lap stains. Always finish with the grain. Also, make sure that you continue from the wet edge of the stain so that the color blends.

4. Backbrush

Using the brush, push a bit harder on some of the more texture areas of the wood. This can include grain, patterns, or joints. Doing this allows the wood stain to creep into cracks and other hard-to-reach places.

When you complete this step, you should leave the item to dry, and you should end up with a perfect finish.

More About Pressure Treated Wood

Now you know how to finish pressure treated wood, you should be able to get started. But if you still have questions, do not worry. That is exactly what we are here for.

We have been in the business for over a decade and are more than happy to point you in the right direction. So, get in contact and let us know what it is you are looking for.

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