How to Use Unfinished Furniture in a Modern Coastal Interior Design

Around three-quarters of all Americans are planning to redecorate this year. There are so many different types of remodeling and redecorating, but coastal designs are often popular, especially in Wilmington. This is in part because of their contemporary and minimalist style.

But where do you get your modern coastal interior design ideas from, and how will they impact your home? Below, we list some of the most significant pieces of advice that we have to help get you on the path to a beautiful home.

Get the Right Textures

To get that coastal interior that you are looking for, you first need to ensure that you have all the right textures in your house. They can help you achieve the coastal vibes not only in how the area looks but also in how it feels when you interact with it.

Many of these textures should be rough and invoke feelings of nature. Things should not be too smooth, unless necessary for utility.

Examples of such materials include:

  • Hemp
  • Rough cotton
  • Natural wood
  • Wool

Of course, this does not mean that the furniture should be uncomfortable. Offset these moods with areas and items of furniture that allow you to relax.

Don’t Make It Too Obvious

Even if a room’s mood is “coastal”, you do not need to have images of gulls and seaside paintings around. By using color and tone in your furniture, you can create an ambiance without being obvious.

Use white and pastels, especially blues, to create a light and outdoor mood. Natural wood gives a feeling like driftwood, and other items can stress this aesthetic.

Natural Wood Is Timeless

We have already stressed it somewhat, but unfinished wood is the game-changer when it comes to coastal-style furniture. By drawing in the natural wood aesthetic, you are creating an area that feels homely, comfy, and non-manmade.

One of the best things about this style is that it never goes out of fashion. While you might need to update some of the other materials and items in the home, natural wood will keep for a long time. Although, you should be aware that you might need to care for it during that time.

Use Modern Touches

There is nothing wrong with a little bit of a “modern coast” mood. When you have things that are, for the most part, in keeping with your chosen design, you can choose to cheat a little. This is especially true when you need some smooth and easily-cleaned surfaces for food or drinks.

Use glass if possible. This will preserve the colors that surround the area. We would only warn against the use of polished metal, as this can give a strange dissonance to the feel of the rest of the room.

Learn About Modern Coastal Interior Design

We hope that the above has given you a better idea of what modern coastal interior design can do for your home. You should understand more about how to invoke it and get the best aesthetic moving forward.

So, if you want to know how to pick up some of the best furniture that matches this style, check out our website. Our catalog has many different styles of unfinished furniture for you to choose some. So, check it out today.

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