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Upcycled Furniture Ideas: Easy DIY Revamps for Wooden Furniture

Are you inspired to upcycle a piece of furniture?  Statistics show that 21% of Americans upcycle items. Upcycling not only reduces waste, but it can also land you with a custom, unique piece that nobody else has.  Upcycling takes some time and effort, so it’s important that you strike on the right idea for your…

5 Reasons to Buy from an Unfinished Furniture Store

Unfinished furniture stores are very popular at the moment, so much so that it equates to a $223 Billion industry. Do you know why buying from an unfinished furniture store is in fashion right now? Would you like to learn what you are missing out on? This article will help you understand the appeal of…

Wooden Wonder: How Can You Make Unfinished Furniture Your Own?

Are you looking to buy unfinished furniture? You’re making an awesome choice—there are tons of ways you can customize it. Click here to learn a few!