4 Tips on Transforming that Large Toy Chest Your Child Outgrew

We all remember the toy chest of our childhood. From blocks to dolls, that big box was filled with so many fun items. But now, your child has outgrown the large toy box and you are left with a large void in the playroom. Instead of getting rid of it, why not upcycle it? Here are some tips on how to transform that large toy chest into something useful and stylish around the home.

1. Repurposing a Toy Chest as Home Decor 

A great way to repurpose an old toy box is to turn it into home decor. Many wooden toy boxes can be sanded down and painted in vibrant colors or stained with a darker hue to create a more sophisticated look. It can then be used as an accent piece at the end of a hallway or even in the living room to match your furniture set up. You could also use this opportunity to showcase some of your child’s artwork by adding their pieces to the sides or top of the box! 

2. Using an Old Toy Chest for Storage Solutions 

Storage wooden crates

Another great way to reuse your old toy chest is for storage solutions around your home. It can easily be converted into shelves for children’s books or it can even be the perfect place to store extra blankets and pillows in the bedroom. They’re also an ideal space for organizing small items like craft supplies, office supplies, or toys that couldn’t fit in regular-sized drawers. The possibilities are endless when it comes to using an old toy chest as storage! 

3. Get Creative With Your Old Toy Box 

Paint brushes painting a rainbow

When transforming an old toy box, there really are no limits when it comes to creativity! You could repaint and redesign it in fun ways such as creating unique patterns on each side or adding stencils with inspirational words or quotes on them. Overall, when transforming an old toy box there is no wrong answer – just have fun and get creative!  

4. Wooden Chest Design Trends

Sanding wood

Don’t know where to start after you’ve sanded or stripped off the old design from the wood? Current wooden chest design ideas include painting the outside of the chest with an ombre effect or adding a bright color, like pink, to the interior of the box for a pop of color. You could also add geometric shapes, floral designs, or quotes to the sides and top of the box to create your own unique look. For herringbone pattern lovers, the popular chevron pattern is also a great option to give your chest an updated look. For those who love typography, you could use stencils with inspirational words and quotes for an even more personalized touch. You can even add wheels to make it easier to move if it’s an extra large toy chest. Finally, you can also add decorative knobs or handles to the box to easily open and close the lid. 

Transforming an old toy chest into something useful doesn’t have to be difficult; you just need some imagination and creativity! Whether you decide to repurpose it as home decor or use it for storage solutions around your house, there are plenty of ways you can get creative with that large box from your kid’s childhood memories. So don’t let that big toy chest simply sit idle – use these tips today and start transforming it into something beautiful and functional! And if you’re looking to purchase a wooden chest, we offer them in our online store as well! 

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